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2014 – 2015

Our meetings are to help beginners learn their mosses and liverworts, rather than high-powered recording sessions. All are on Sundays, and start at 10.30 a.m. Please bring sandwiches.

You may wish to bring with you a copy of the British Bryological Society's Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland: a Field-guide (2010).

You are very welcome to suggest venues for future outdoor meetings; please include grid references and details for parking. In case of any queries, contact the group leader:

Mark Lawley,
12 Castleview Terrace,

Tel: 01584 876564



Sunday 12th

Llynclys Common
With members of Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s Oswestry branch, we will explore rocky outcrops, disused quarries, limestone grassland and woodland on Llynclys Common. Meet in the band hall’s car park at Porth y Waen on the A495 opposite the Lime Kiln public house (SJ 270240).


Sunday 9th

Tylcau Hill
Visit Radnorshire Wildlife Trust’s reserve at Tylcau Hill (SO 133765). The reserve is a traditionally managed hill farm, with sheepwalks, flushes and a stream. From the A488 at Monaughty, take the B4356 road through Llangunllo. At SO 137744 turn right on to a lane. After just over a mile turn right at the red telephone box and drive to the end of the tarmac lane. There is a car park on the right.



Sunday 18th

Fishpool Valley, Croft
Meet at Fishpool Valley, Croft (SO 455660) in north Herefordshire to explore a wooded valley and hillside, and pastures of the estate around Croft Castle. Leave the B4362 at Cock Gate, follow the lane north-west and continue up a rough track for 100 yards to park on the common at SO 455660.


Sunday 22nd

Birchfield, Upper Rochford
With members of the Worcestershire Moss Group we will explore 18 acres of woodland, pasture and orchard, boggy ground and pools at Birchfield, Upper Rochford in the Teme Valley. Park at SO 644667.


Sunday 15th

Park in the square at Montgomery (SO 223964), from where we can walk to explore the castle, fort and memorial, as well as man-made habitats in the town.

You may also be interested in purchasing a copy of "The Mosses and Liverworts Of Shropshire" by Mark Lawley (2013).

The Mosses and Liverworts Of Shropshire

It has 133 pages, illustrated, including

It is available at £19.95 including P&P from Mark Lawley at the address above

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