Ralph Martin's Books

Differential Geometry Book Computer Vision Book Djinn Book Maths of Surfaces IX Book

This page gives a complete list of Ralph Martin's books; a list of papers is also available.


Some of the publications listed below may be available online in PDF form; their titles appear as links if available in this way. Others are available through booksellers.


Get Published! - Successful Scientific Writing
R. R. Martin
Tsinghua University Press, 2015.
ISBN 9787302389019.

Computational Visual Media: First International Conference, CVM 2012
Eds. S.-M. Hu, R. R. Martin
LNCS 7633, Springer, 2012.
ISBN 9783642342622.

Proc. 12th Int. Conf. on Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics
Eds. R. R. Martin, H. Suzuki, C.-H. Tu
IEEE Computer Society Press, 2011.
ISBN 9783642035951.

Mathematics of Surfaces XIII
Eds. E.R.Hancock, R. R. Martin,M. A. Sabin
Proc. 13th IMA Mathematics of Surfaces Conf.
Springer LNCS 5654, 2009.

Mathematics of Surfaces XII
Eds. R. R. Martin,M. A. Sabin, J.Winkler
Proc. 12th IMA Mathematics of Surfaces Conf.
Springer LNCS 4647, 2007.

Mathematics of Surfaces XI
Eds. R. R. Martin, H. Bez, M. A. Sabin
Proc. 11th IMA Mathematics of Surfaces Conf.
Springer LNCS 3604, 2005.

Mathematics of Surfaces
Eds. M. J. Wilson, R. R. Martin
Proc. 10th IMA Mathematics of Surfaces Conf.
Springer, LNCS 2768, 2003.

Geometric Modeling and Processing: Theory and Applications
Eds. H. Suzuki, R. R. Martin
Proc. GMP 2002, RIKEN, Wako, Saitama, Japan, July 2002
IEEE Computer Society Press, 2002.

Djinn: Specification and Report
C. Armstrong, A. Bowyer, S. Cameron, J. Corney, G. Jared, R. R. Martin, A. Middleditch, M. Sabin, J. Salmon
Information Geometers Ltd., Winchester, 2001.

Mathematics of Surfaces IX
Eds. R. Cipolla, R. R. Martin
Proc. 9th IMA Mathematics of Surfaces Conf.
Springer Verlag, 2000.

Mathematics of Surfaces VII
Eds. T. N. T. Goodman, R. R. Martin
Proc. 7th IMA Mathematics of Surfaces Conf.
Information Geometers Ltd., Winchester, 1997.

Directions in Geometric Computing
Ed. R. R. Martin
Information Geometers Ltd., Winchester, 1993.

Computer Vision, Models and Inspection
A. D. Marshall, R. R. Martin
World Scientific, Singapore, 1992.

Differential Geometry Applied to Curve and Surface Design
A. W. Nutbourne, R. R. Martin
Ellis Horwood, Chichester, 1988.

Mathematics of Surfaces II
Ed. R. R. Martin
Proc. 2nd IMA Mathematics of Surfaces Conf.
Oxford University Press, 1987.